Equilibrum Cranes Material Handlers

Our SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes deliver full-power booms, maximum load capacities of 16t to 130t, low transport costs, short set-up times and more. And the robust design of the machine components such as the uppercarriage, undercarriage, slewing ring and lattice boom all make our SENNEBOGEN duty cycle cranes stand out. Our reliable heavy-duty machines have operating weights between 30t and 300t and can operate a wide range of mechanical and hydraulic attachments.

Contact your local VCES representative to learn more about our full line of SENNEBOGEN telescopic and heavy-duty cycle cranes.
Equipment Name Info Specs and Brochure
880 EQ D-Series Spec Sheet
8100 EQ E-Series Spec Sheet
8130 EQ E-Series Spec Sheet
8160 EQ E-Series Spec Sheet
8320 EQ E-Series Spec Sheet
8400 EQ E-Series Spec Sheet