Sandvik mobile scalpers are engineered for aggregate producers who demand superior productivity, versatility and reliability. Our high-capacity mobile scalpers are flexible and hard-wearing enough for virtually any application, including construction waste, landfill mining, quarry overburden, scalping before a crusher or screening aggregates after a crusher. When you need to separate limestone, granite, asphalt, sand, coal or concrete, Sandvik scalpers can help you do it more efficiently.
Equipment Name Info Specs and Brochure
QE141 20,000 (44,092)lbs Spec Sheet
QE241 17,500 (38,580)lbs Spec Sheet
QE341 29,770 (65,631)lbs Spec Sheet
QE342 29,580 (65,215)lbs Spec Sheet
QE441 37,070 (81,725)lbs Spec Sheet
QE442 37,070 (81,725)lbs Spec Sheet