Tree Care, Forestry and Log Handling

Whether it is Tree Care or Forestry and Log Handling we have you covered.

The SENNEBOGEN tree care machine is revolutionizing the tree care industry, providing a safer, quicker and more productive way to remove trees. Application specific and equiped for your operation, our solution will allow you to remove more trees in less time,

The speed, stability and long reach of our SENNEBOGEN loader cranes are ideal for log-handling applications. Custom-built and equipped for your operation, our high-stacking capability instantly raises the roof of your yard to increase capacity and simplify inventory management.

Contact your local VCES representative and put our SENNEBOGEN forestry and log handling equipment to work for you.
Equipment Name Info Specs and Brochure
718 Tree Machine - Wheeled/Crawler 43' Reach, up to 90' tree Spec Sheet
728 Tree Machine Coming Soon Spec Sheet
738 Tree Machine - Wheeled 75' Reach, Up to 125' tree Spec Sheet
723 E- Pick and Carry 36' Reach, 59,400lbs, 160HP Spec Sheet
730 E -Pick and Carry 36' Reach, 66,000lbs, 194HP Spec Sheet
735 E - Pick and Carry 37' Reach, 96,580lbs, 300HP Spec Sheet