Our Volvo articulated haulers give you unprecedented hauling capacity, plus industry-leading versatility and mobility. They come in a wide range of tonnage capacities and are built to be tough and durable, while offering some of the most comfortable cabs in the industry.

Contact your local VCES representative to learn how Volvo articulated haulers can help you lower your cost per ton to maximize profits.
Equipment Name Info Specs and Brochure
A45GFS 41 t / 90,389 lb 469 hp Spec Sheet
A60H 60.6 ton • 626 hp, net Spec Sheet
A25G, A30G 27.5 - 32.0 ton capacity Spec Sheet
A35G, A40G 38.0 - 43.0 ton • 439 - 465 hp, net Spec Sheet
A45G 45.2 ton capacity • 465 hp, net Spec Sheet