Compact Articulated Loader

Pioneering the R&D and production of versatile compact articulated loaders for nearly 30 years, Avant machines are designed to offer minimal ground damage, increase efficiency and reduce labor on job sites including tree care, landscaping, property maintenance, construction, demolition and mor

Founded in 1991, Avant has over the years become a household name in the compact loader business thanks to the numerous innovative solutions it has created. Its technology, benefits and extensive range of more than 200 attachments are unmatched in the United States. Avant Tecno USA is a subsidiary of Avant Tecno Oy, which is headquartered in Finland. Avant leads the industry in providing superior engineering and product development in the field of multi-functional loaders and attachments.

Equipment Name Info Specs and Brochure
200 Series 1,540 lbs / 20-25 hp
400 Series 2,380 lbs / 22 hp
500 Series 3,020 - 3,220 lbs / 22-25 hp
600 Series 3,310 - 3,500 lbs / 25-26 hp
700 Series 3,970 - 4,640 lbs / 26-27 hp
800 Series 5,600 lbs / 57 hp