LaBounty Grapples

The LaBounty Grapples are ideal for demolition, material handling, and sorting applications. Grapples come in either the MDG or HDR Series.

Each MDG product features a 360° continuous rotation, heavy duty turntable, and synchronized jaws designed for severe duty applications.

HDR Grapples are designed for rugged use with a two-tine, movable 
upper half and a three-tine stationary lower. This grapple is the original workhorse of the industry and extremely versatile, proving itself as the preferred tool in demolition (both residential and industrial), scrap handling, rock handling, waste handling and land clearing.

Contacy your local VCES representative about LaBounty's rugged HDR or MDG Series Grapples. 

Equipment Name Info Specs and Brochure
MDG Series MDG70/140/160/250/300/400 Spec Sheet
HDR Series HDR30/40/50/70/100/170/200 Spec Sheet